Quality Manager

Job description

ShortPoint is looking for an experienced Software Quality Manager to join our amazing, rapidly growing, and highly motivated international team.


  • This is a remote position, we do not give sponsorship or visa.
  • timezone should be between GMT+1 to GMT+7.

  1. Product Understanding: The Quality Manager is required to build a full and deep understanding of the product, this includes (not limited to):
    1. All Platforms & Environments that ShortPoint can run on
    2. Details, Stories, and Features.
    3. Structure and Architecture.
    4. Developing and Management teams.
    5. End-users and Clients.
    6. Possibilities and Limitations.
  2. Be a Selective Tester: The Quality Manager is required to design, execute, and be able to report back the results of executing the selective set of tests, these tests must be designed with corrective, evaluative, and specific measuring perspective. The Quality Manager is required not to spend time on testing to find bugs, the testing conducted by the Quality Manager must be designed to conduct specific measurement. The Quality Manager is required to communicate the selective test plan, needs, and goals to top management or selective limited group(s) and must be able to explain the results and help come up with corrective steps should the Quality Manager find any deviations from what was expected.
  3. SDLC and Quality Processes Architect: The Quality Manager is required to have a full understanding of how development and quality teams work under popular SDLC methodologies, must have a full understanding of how to assess and monitor, maintain and improve, report processes deficiencies, and help come up with plans to correct them.
  4. Team Manager: The Quality Manager must be a considerate team player who’s able to keep the motion going smoothly, motivate, support, train, and push the quality team to its highest potentials.
  5. Have Unique Technical Skills: The Quality Manager must have extensive knowledge of Software Testing principles and concepts, knowledge of the development and deployment processes, business analyses, and project management. Quality related training courses and certifications are a must. The TQM must demonstrate the following abilities:
    1. Building the Test Environment.
    2. Managing the Test Projects.
    3. Test Planning and Risk Management.
    4. GUI Automation Testing.
    5. Performance Testing.
  6. Test Planning and Risk Management: The Quality Manager must be able to define what’s needed to test when to start, how long it would take, make sure testing is focusing on what matters, meet the deadlines.
  7. Documentation and Reporting Profissional: The Quality Manager must be able to define what good to measure vs. what’s not good to measure, define test metrics used in reporting, develop the reports in a way that makes them beneficial to the company board and various teams. The Quality Manager will be responsible to manage the defects reporting and tracking making sure of a smooth defect life cycle and that the team is only focusing on the most important work first.
  8. Soft Skills: Must have flawless communication skills in English, verbal, written, and presentation skills.


  1. Build and help in building the product test documentation making sure requirements validations are documented and easy to track and use.
  2. Conduct selective tests and smart inspections to certify product readiness for quality gates, assess and evaluate the development processes, quality processes, and other processes.
  3. Be a strong part of the development life cycle processes evaluation, improvement, and monitoring team.
  4. Manage a diverse and remotely allocated team of Quality Control specialists, both on the manual and automation fronts.
  5. Help in Scaling & hiring for both manual and automation teams
  6. Design and own the Quality processes and act as a Quality Assurance specialist.
  7. Assist continuous professional plans for Quality team members.
  8. Help in resource allocation and estimation efforts and delegate duties for routine activities.
  9. Document and follow through issues determined for prompt resolution.
  10. Stay available after hours (if needed) for production support after releases.
  11. Enhance QA and QC methodologies for test and defect management and tools supporting processes.
  12. Maintain defect triage process and continuous defect review in the organization.
  13. Offer continuous improvement by assessing customer issues for root cause and future prevention.
  14. Investigate and explore upcoming new technologies and suggest enhancements.
  15. Ensure and record requirements coverage by verification.
  16. Define and send quality-related reports to each team and managerial levels.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree+ in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, or a related field.
  2. 8+ years of quality-related experience working with at least 2+ in automation and 2+ years in a management capacity.
  3. Passionate about quality.
  4. Advanced knowledge of software QA/QC engineering processes, test automation, build and testing frameworks, and continuous integration pipelines for enterprise web applications.
  5. Experience in defining quality standards and metrics for projects and products.
  6. Experience in mentoring and coaching remotely allocated testers.
  7. Experience in various test data management strategies and tooling.
  8. Experience in risk management.
  9. Experience in Agile processes and engineering.
  10. Leading mindset and a high level of strategic thinking attitude.
  11. Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, debugging, and documentation skills.
  12. Strong team building and empowerment skills.
  13. Ability to build and implement strategies across the enterprise.
  14. Practical experience in Selenium and or other web drivers.
  15. Experience in executing load and performance testing.
  16. Excellent written, verbal, and presentation English skills with both technical, and non-technical audiences.
  17. Ability to communicate effectively to all stakeholders.
  18. Comfortable as a "hands-on" manager and willing to roll up your sleeves to get things done.
  19. Quick learner and able to adapt to new technologies and teams quickly.