Node JS Module Developer (Part-Time)

Job description

We're looking for a part-time Node JS developer who can help us build a testing environment for our developers using Puppeteer, Node JS, Storybook.

The developer will be required to write a few modules using Puppeteer, which will be used to log into an environment, capture a static version of that environment, and download it so that it can be accessed from a local file system.

Then integrate these static version pages into Storybook to create an environment where developers can simulate how their work will appear in a real environment.


  • Experienced with writing Node JS Modules with test cases to verify that modules will not get broken suddenly
  • Experienced with traversing the DOM using browser native APIs
  • Experience with Puppeteer and writing Puppeteer plugins

Nice to Have:

  • Experienced with publishing Node JS Modules to either the NPM registry and/or to Github Packages
  • Experience with Cheerio
  • Experience with Storybook